Sunday, May 21, 2006

All About MacBook

I have long wanted to buy my first mac from Apple. A Mac mini with Intel Duo Core will let me enjoy the Best of Both World i.e. I can surf and play with the cool interface and stable Tiger OS or I can use bootcamp to switch To Windows XP to play games ocassionally. But, last week I had a premonition that Apple will launch a new mac to replace iBook. Yipee, I was right

The 13.3" MacBook comes in white or black color with clear bright screen. Rumor has said that 2.35Kg notebook is built by Asustek.

  • Accessible upgrade of RAM or HDD. I can easily max up my MacBook on memory and HDD
  • Front Row and Remote control. I want to play my DivX or RMVB movie with Front Row.
  • iSight for video chat with iChat or Skype

  • Keyboard with space out keys
  • Operating temperature can go up to 82 Degree Celsius
  • mini DVI to DVI is not bundled

I can't wait to get a